Licensed Real Estate Broker

Tonino Mavuli

Tonino Mavuli, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Tonino Mavuli has stood as a prominent figure in Connecticut's Commercial Real Estate realm for over 2 decades. Renowned for orchestrating landmark transactions and representing trophy commercial properties, his network spans across diverse industries that's helped position him to close some of the largest commercial portfolios in Connecticut's history.

Hailing from a lineage of hospitality aficionados, Tonino boasts a rich background in restaurant, catering, and hotel management. Transitioning from a successful independent brokerage, he's joined forces with Ryan Serhant to spearhead Serhant. Connecticut's Commercial Division.

Merging Tonino's profound expertise with the expansive outreach of Serhant. is the perfect storm to showcase new developments, manage real estate portfolios and source commercial deals. Beyond the closing table, Tonino's passions extend to globetrotting with his wife Greta, savoring culinary delights, and championing charitable causes.

Office Location: 500 W. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
Office Phone Number: 203.489.7800

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